Real people who drink coffee (and tea) and have real cats!

The Owner

Coffee Kitties was started by a real cat mom in Boulder, CO.


The Company

Coffee Kitties may sound pretty strange. Of course, we do not (ever, EVER) recommend giving coffee to your kitty! Rather, we aim to celebrate two loves, often the first things we enjoy when we get up in the morning, every morning.

Our cats are not shy when it comes to letting us know they’re hungry–particularly in the mornings! The poor things have had to wait all night no food. While some cats are capable of free feeding, I’m afraid ours would eat the entire package of cat food in a day if we let them. And then no one would be happy. So we feed them twice per day, and each time they act as if they haven’t eaten in a week and as if they may never eat again. Once they’re satisfied, they like to join us for morning snuggles.

Of course, no morning kitty snuggle is complete without a fresh cup of coffee. Over the years I’ve changed how I take it. Although I started off drinking mine with milk and sugar (LOTS of sugar), I now consider myself a veteran coffee drinker and take it straight black. Maybe it’s because I’ve cut down my sugar intake over time, or maybe it’s because I simply lack time (mom of two plus three fur babies) and just need it N.O.W. When I’m feeling cozy I’ll make a matcha or mate latte. Yum!

The Cats

Oh, the entertainment and inspiration they provide.


The Snuggle Warrior

Raven and Edgar

Litter Mates & Reckless Teenagers


Rest in peace, sweet girl. ❤


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